Difference between Grocery stores and Food supermarkets:

What is meant by the Grocery Stores?

The stores which can sell food, household items, non-household items, food products of both fresh and packaged, household things such as tissue papers, paper napkins, towels, medicines, sanitary products, etc are called grocery stores. At only one place the customers can get all their necessary items easily. But some grocery stores sell eggs, meats, a different type of batters, flours, dairy products, soft drinks, bakery items, and instant snacks and breakfast items, soups, beauty care, and personal care items, etc.

Differentiating Grocery and Food Super Markets

Some minor things are not similar when compared to grocery stores and supermarkets. The supermarkets sell large amounts of very fresh and already packed prepared food, sanitary products, cleaning equipment, beauty care, and health care products. The name supermarket itself defines it is one of the biggest markets so it sells the items in a large number of quantities. The items which are sold mainly in the supermarkets are namely beauty cosmetics, costumes in basic and formals, shoes, socks, inners, home appliances, electronic appliances, and gift items are also available in supermarkets. When compared to grocer stores the food supermarkets offer several departments. The departments that are offered by the food supermarkets are namely bakery, pharmacy, seafood counters, floral bouquets departments, etc. Every item is available in the supermarket.

Grocery stores and food supermarkets have different types of systems and rules. The grocery stores can fulfill the consumer’s daily necessary items like food items, grocery items which are sufficient per day or week. The shopping list items with different types of brands are available. Before going to purchase the grocery items the customers have to prepare their own list of products which is required for a weekly or monthly basis. Grocery stores arrange some carts with wheels at the entrance of the store so as to help the customers to keep their goods in the carts. But in supermarkets, there are some disadvantages such as wheeled carts are not available, a small store, less staff, store working hours, etc. The wheeled carts are not provided in the supermarkets because the customers who come to supermarkets buy very fewer items so there is no need for wheeled carts.

Grocery stores are having a big size when compared to supermarkets. The working hours of a food supermarket are they are open all days but some stores are opened in the morning but they close at late nights and early morning hours. The supermarkets are open on holidays so to meet customer service needs. But some stores maintains some working hours like they will open food store at 8 a.m and closes at 10 p.m daily. They will schedule some particular hours.

The food store owners maintain some registers and checkout lanes, and grocery stores are having very large members as staff including store and department managers, workers, security, etc, Whereas the food supermarkets having very few staff with a minimum of only one or two workers. in this supermarket, only one register is available because the customers purchase only a few items in the food supermarket. For food supermarkets, the parking area is very less when compared to grocery stores. After completing the shopping the customers have to submit their positive feedback. It is one of the parts of customer service. After submitting positive feedback the customers will get some fuel points.